Pinnacle Micro (pinteq_armsup_webPty) Ltd came into existence in 1993 as a new entrant to the IT distribution market supplying PC components and peripherals to the dealer market in South Africa. It grew rapidly to become a significant player in the market.

A technical division was formed in order to support the warranties on the product that was sold, and as it became necessary to set up a recovery centre to swap out faulty product still under warranty and return it to suppliers for repair or replacement. In due course the company also began to assemble and market its own brand of PC (Proline) and was able to capture a useful share of the market.

To service these warranties a repair workshop was required and as the volumes grew it became necessary to also set up an R&D department and fully fledged production line. This was accompanied by the setting up of a help desk and team of technicians to service warranties and perform maintenance on site.

The workshop and on site teams grew to the point where they were able to take on outside business and became profit centres. Early in 2002 it was decided to combine the workshop, help desk, on site teams, assembly line, R&D and recovery centre into one division under the name of Pinteq. The plan was to utilise the pool of resources in the technical division for both servicing the needs of the Pinnacle Micro distribution business as well as generating useful profits externally.